Toys for Tots fundraiser scheduled for Saturday

Staff Writer

The seventh annual Toys for Tots and Adopt a Family fundraiser will be held beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday at the New Haven Bar, 50 N. Spruce St.
Toys for Tots is an event that gives toys to children whose parents cannot afford to purchase them. The event is hosted by Stryker Motorcycle Club (MC), a support club for the Marines MC and sponsored by the Blackfoot Dart League. All donated toys from this fundraiser will go to the American Legion and then to the Marine Corps League in Pocatello.
Adopt a Family is another fundraising event in which the host organization receives either money or other donations. Raffle drawings and auctions for items that have been donated will be held as part of this particular fundraiser. The money goes to families in need. The hosts have provided meals, clothing, toys, and cash for less-fortunate families in the past depending on the circumstances. 
"We will take whatever anybody's willing to donate," said Kory Hunter, a representative for Stryker MC. "I know people who are donating a car stereo, LED lights and grills. I also know someone who is donating a $2500 shotgun they purchased from Ducks Unlimited. We will take anything anyone's willing to donate. We do not have a criteria."
For more information, please read the Nov. 30 edition of the Blackfoot Morning News.