Businesses needed at Career Fair in December

These students hear what is needed to become a police office at a Career Fair at Snake River High School.
Staff Writer

Business owners are needed to participate in the Bingham County Career Fair. The Career Fair is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at the Snake River High School. Students from every school in Bingham County will be attending. Students will be coming from Aberdeen, Firth, Shelley, Blackfoot, Independence High School, Snake River and Bingham Academy.
Representatives from Idaho Colleges and Technical Schools, beauticians, unions and businesses in Bingham County will be available to help students take the next strip in their path to a fulfilling career.
"Businesses are needed; there is no cost for businesses to participate," Carol Hepworth said. She is a business owner, Career Fair committee member and Snake River School Board trustee. "Comments we get from businesses say they like it because they get to talk to the kids; they have contact with the students."
She continued, "The Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity for kids 'to see what's out there' for their careers; to talk directly to businesses and colleges."
"If possible, parents of children in grades 9 to 12, should try to make this Career Fair a priority," Hepworth said. "Students that have had career advising opportunities are more focused in high school and will continue their education in getting a rewarding career. My own children benefited from attending Career Fairs."
Parents are welcome to attend.
To read the complete story, see it in the Friday, Dec. 1, edition of the Morning News.