Offroaders celebrate the New Year

Susie and Chuck Stuart have been members of the Snake River Offroaders for about five years. On Monday, they took part in the Hangover Run that took place on Hell’s Half Acre near Shelley.Members of the Snake River Offroaders prepare for a rock crawl over Hell’s Half Acre on Monday. Letting air out of tires gives drivers more footprint on the ground.Dennis Christensen custom made this buggy in 2015. He competes, does trail wheeling, jumps and rock crawling. ‘It can go anywhere with this,’ he said.
Staff Writer

The Snake River Offroaders celebrated the New Year by rock crawling over Hell’s Half Acre on Monday in its annual “Hangover Run.” Sixteen rigs participated in this run.
This is a group of people who enjoy off-road adventure. Jeeps, Land Rovers and modified buggies are these adventurers’ vehicles of choice. Some are stock; others are lifted with bigger tires.
The Snake River Off-roaders meet once or twice each month to explore new territory and to “push the vehicles to the limit.”
The club’s treasurer, Chuck Stuart, said, “We also have a ‘No Shopping Run’ that takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. As you can see, no one is ‘hung over’ here.”
He added, “Most of the vehicles, we bring back home. We bring along spare parts and tools to repair a vehicle if it breaks down. Although, normally, the part or the tool you need is the one that was left home.”
Stuart continued, “Recently, someone broke his ‘A-line.’ We came back the next day to fix it. We fixed that vehicle and broke two others in the process. Some people are better mechanics than others. People don’t get hurt unless they step on a crack in the lavas.”
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