Basic prepping

The extremes of weather, possible coronavirus, and even flooding from winter cast off: can wreak a lot of havoc with the public. During the summer, people who were hit with hurricanes or major storms were not prepared. One could see on the news, people stayed on their roof without any food or water and it has made them extremely sick. There are a few people who were a little more prepared, one picture showed someone with a tent secured to their roof. Even though they may not have had food or water, they had one of the basic needs of shelter from the storm. 

Even if one is not in an area for hurricanes or major flooding, it is important to start somewhere with basic preparedness (or a bug out bag). There are 4 basic needs to be secured during an emergency: Food, Shelter, Water, and Sleep. 


WATER: Starting out many people don’t know where to start when it comes to emergency preparedness. There are a few things that are recommended. Water is by far the most important one out of all of them. A person can only last three days without water, when one can last more than two weeks without food. One will need to have some way to gather the water and purify it. If an emergency happens the water pumps will only run for about 24 hours on emergency power before they will shut down completely and cleansing will stop. One will need to be able to filter out toxins. A good rule of thumb is having three gallons per person per day. If one lives in an arid area, water will more than likely need to be stored instead of relying on the filters alone. There are ways to find water in any environment, one just needs the tools. 

*In a personal bug out bag one should have a few different types of filters. The Sawyer water filter, $20 can be found at any sporting goods store: can filter 100,000 gallons. One can’t beat that with any personal water filters on the market. Lifestraw is another competent filter but it doesn’t have the gallon capacity as the Sawyer.


FOOD: Even though one can survive for two weeks without food, it will be a better time for all concerned if there is some sort of food on hand. People tend to be in better moods when they are full. There are foods that can be stored indefinitely in a cool dry place. Beans, Rice, Flour (in plastic canisters...properly stored), Honey, Seasonings, can all be stored indefinitely when they are packaged correctly. Any canned food can be stored if rotated properly. It is important to not buy foods that one doesn’t eat on a regular basis. If one won’t eat split peas now, one will not eat them during an emergency. Augason Farms has some delicious emergency food storage items that are really easy to cook and aren’t gross. Experimenting with these can help one find a food that is good and will help one feel less stressed during an emergency.


SHELTER: Even though it may be hot in your area the nights can drop below freezing. If one is out in the elements, it will lessen your chance of survival if there is no way to stay out of the elements. There are things like debris huts or natural items one can use to build a shelter, but it is recommended to have a lightweight tent that is easy to set up in one’s emergency kit. 


SLEEP/HEAT: Exhaustion is inevitable during an emergency. Though it is very important to sleep during an emergency one will want to be comfortable. Heat and sleep go hand in hand. Most people hate sleeping when cold. Learning to light a fire with found materials can be a boon to an emergency toolbox. A lighter or flint is very lightweight and can light materials quickly, though there are other ways to light fires.

-Sleep: There are some very lightweight sleeping bags on the market right now (ranging from $50-$1000). Depending on the area in which one is located it would be recommended to get a sleeping bag that can withstand freezing temperatures, though there are those that withstand below freezing...use judgement when purchasing.


If one has these in a backpack, that is one step closer to survival than many in the world today. It is better to be prepared for an emergency than not prepared and being forced to rely on help, which could be days away! 


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