Herbs are a fantastic addition to any cooking, but they also have some incredible properties. There are 15 herbs that are helpful to the body as well as around the house. Many of these can be used in foods to get the benefits, or crafting tincture will also bring out their effectiveness. It is recommended to research the herb, if one wants to make a tincture out of it. 

Cayenne: Cayenne is one of those peppers that has some amazing properties most people don’t know about. It stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases blood flow and helps to speed digestion. It produces heat when taken internally or applied topically. However, one would only apply it to a small amount of skin to see how it reacts. It also helps with building immunities against colds and flus. If one is bleeding profusely applying cayenne to the wound will help stop the flow. 

Cinnamon: is a great antioxidant and helps with digestion and circulation.

Ginger: Helps stop diarrhea and settles nausea. If one has a stuffy nose or sore throat, ginger is the go-to plant to help relieve symptoms. It works well in tea and soups. 

Black pepper: Helps boost energy and increase blood circulation. It helps with sore throats and also helps stem blood flow as well.

Cloves: When there is no dentist around, cloves are a great treatment for tooth and gum problems. It helps soothe mouth pain and kills bacteria. It also helps treat burns and skin irritation. It has also been known to reduce fevers when used in tea.


Oregano: Helps boost immunity. It is great for upset stomachs and can help soothe cold symptoms in lungs and throat. When taken in tea, it can even help one get a good night’s sleep.

Basil: For those who have anxiety, or any natural anxiety stemming from an emergency, basil would be the herb to help lift one’s spirits. It helps with sleep too.

Sage: This herb is a great antibiotic. It helps soothe coughs, help digestion, and in a pinch it will work on helping heal those pesky bug bites.

Garlic: Infection fighter, antibiotic, immune booster, and cold and flu fighter. Even if one is worried about walking around with garlic breath, wouldn’t it be better than being sick?

Peppermint, rosemary, thyme and fennel: These are all great herbs to add to your medicine cabinet. They help with uplifting moods, healing itchy skin, and reducing fevers.

Turmeric: Helps relieve digestion difficulties. Fever, infections, arthritis and other liver problems are no match for the natural healing properties of this herb. It can even relieve menstrual discomforts, as well as help detoxify the body. It is a very strong herb, but when used in a tincture, it’s very beneficial for your entire body.

Aloe vera: This plant has numerous properties. If one were to peel the leaves and mash the insides (after rinsing off the yellow material), it makes a great healing agent for burns and bug bites. The yellow material is a diuretic, which might be good if you are getting stopped up. If one were to make it into a tincture, make sure the leaves are peeled and rinsed before placing in a jar for alcohol. This is also great for calming upset stomachs.

If one decides to keep a fresh herb garden of these remedies, It is recommend to start the seeds now so they can flourish during the summer. There are a lot of things that can happen during an emergency and having some tinctures available will definitely soothe the anxiety for many.


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