Natural spider repellents

With the weather getting warmer, there are some creepy crawlies that may be finding their way in doors. There are a lot of potent pesticides, but many may not know there are things around the house that can repel the little things. 

Walnut shells: After Christmas, there are a lot of walnut shells lying around. One doesn't  know why it works, but if one has a bowl of walnut shells in the areas where spiders roam, they will avoid the area. 

Essential oils: There are a few essential oils one can use to get rid of the bugs. The best oils are peppermint, tea tree, rose, cinnamon, citrus, lavender and Eucalyptus. Mix five to seven drops with a splash of liquid soap and a little bit of vinegar. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Spray the areas where they like to hide, as well as all windows, door frames, closets and corners. No matter where one sprays, the bugs will avoid it like the plague. It is also safe for animals and little ones. 

Clean your house regularly: Leaving clutter around gives the little creatures to hide more places to hide. If one sees webs popping up, make sure you sweep them up. 

Sealing windows: Make sure screens on the windows don’t have any openings for spiders to get through. Make sure windows and doors are sealed. If one thinks they are getting through the cracks, there is an expanding foam that works wonders on cracks. 

Yards: Clean up the yard. Spiders love to get into wood and leaf piles. They thrive on tall grasses and dark areas. Trim the lawn and keep the piles cleaned up. If one has a shed, make sure the doors and windows are sealed well enough so spiders don’t get in. 

Trees: If one plants trees, an interesting fact is they can actually repel spiders. Eucalyptus trees are very hearty and require minimal maintenance. 

Apple cider vinegar: Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon of oil. Add a half cup of pepper and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Then spray the areas where the spiders like to hide. However, be prepared to sneeze — its potent but works great. 

Cedar: There are cedar-based essential oils, but cedar wood (sometimes found in chests and pretty boxes) helps repel the creepy crawlies. There are cedar blocks one can stick in the closet, too. They cost between $5 and $8. 

Borax: Place a lid full of Borax in the areas where spiders like to stay. This can be toxic to pets and little ones, so put it in an area where one knows they can’t get to it. 

Citrus peel: After one eats a citrus fruit like an orange or lemon, use the peel to rub on the baseboards and other tiny openings. They will then be spider-proof. 

Try a few of these out. Some work better in different houses on different species.


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