By Jesse Cosens


SHELLEY – Shelley Russet Cross Country teams are taking their mark and getting ready for another season on the track. The Girls and Co-Ed schedules are out. The girls are looking to revisit their 2016-2017 state championship team. From their standings last year they have a strong chance of doing just that. The team can be seen stating their training at the Shelley High School track here soon. For people new to the area interested in joining the team contact Coach Ryan Campbell on the Russet website

Heres the beginning of the season check list:

Shelley Sports Home Page – Select Online Registration on right side of page. All parents of high school athletes will need to go through the process or registering. Once you set up an account you can add your children’s profiles to your account for each high school athlete looking to participate. After selecting which sports in which they will participate, it will walk you through each of up to 6 forms that need to be downloaded, completed, signed and then uploaded back to the website. The six forms are as follows:


Consent and Physical Exam – All high school freshmen and juniors need to get a physical. Sophomores and seniors only need a physical if they did not receive one their freshman or junior year.


Interim Questionnaire – All high school athletes must complete a new Interim Questionnaire.


Drug Testing Consent – All high school athletes must complete a drug testing consent form.


Athletic Consent – all high school athletes.


Sportsmanship – all high school athletes.


Parent’s Personal Guidelines and Responsibilities – all parents of high school athletes.


Items needed before first practice:


Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. The #1 source of injury for runners is running on old or worn shoes or shoes not designed for running. Bill’s Bike & Run and Teton Running are great resources for getting a good pair of running shoes although they generally don’t have youth sizes. Bill’s Bike & Run will offer a 25% discount and purchases if you tell them you are a Shelley Cross Country runner.


Make sure you have a digital watch at every practice. Although, a running watch with GPS, heart rate, cadence, and other features is a nice tool for the dedicated runner, a simple and cheap digital watch will suffice. You can find a cheap digital watch on Amazon that won’t break the bank.


You should always have a water bottle with you through the day to stay hydrated and you absolutely need one at practice.


Start getting pledges for our 24-hour fundraiser. Information on the fundraiser can be found here.


Please complete your Spirit Pack form for your appropriate team before Monday, August 13, 2018. Please keep in mind that the cost of the required duffel bag is still being determined. We are receiving samples of three different bags on Thursday. We will then decide on which one we will use. The goal is to choose one that we feel can last throughout an athlete’s running career so that it is a one-time purchase. The anticipated cost is about $45 and will be determined in before Friday’s practice. You can find the form here


We communicate a lot through Facebook. Search for “Shelley Cross Country” in the Facebook search tool.

Here are the up coming game for the Co-Ed and Girls teams:

Girls varsity

(A) 08/25/17 TBA

vs Madison HS

Madison Invite

(A) 09/02/17 TBA

vs Soda Springs HS

Cardinal Classic

(A) 09/08/17 TBA

vs Idaho Falls HS

Tiger/Grizz Invitational

(A) 09/21/17 3:30 PM

vs Snake River HS

Snake River Invitational

(A) 09/23/17 TBA

vs Eagle HS

Bob Firman Invite

(A) 09/29/17 TBA Rob Campbell Invitational

(H) 09/29/17 TBA Rob Campbell Invitational

(A) 10/05/17 TBA

vs Pocatello HS

Bob Conley Invitational

(A) 10/11/17 TBA

vs Teton HS

Teton ChallengeÂ

(A) 10/17/17 TBA

vs South Fremont HS

District Championship

(A) 10/28/17 TBA


State Championship


Co-Ed varsity

(A) 08/29/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

Madison Dash & Splash

(A) 09/07/19 1:00 PM

vs Multiple Opponents

Cardinal Classic

(A) 09/13/19 3:30 PM

vs Multiple Opponents

Tiger-Grizz Invitational

(A) 09/18/19 3:30 PM

vs Multiple Opponents

Ririe Invite

(H) 09/27/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

Bob Campbell Invite

(A) 10/03/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

Bob Conley Invitational

(A) 10/09/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

(A) 10/09/19 TBA

Firth Invitational

(A) 10/23/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

4A District 6 Cross Country

(A) 11/02/19 TBA

vs Multiple Opponents

State Championship

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