BLACKFOOT – Emotions, excitement, enthusiasm, and tennis brought people together at the tennis courts Wednesday afternoon. The Blackfoot High School tennis team says good-bye to six seniors, and wishes them well in their future endeavors. Coach Aimee Johnson spoke about all of her seniors and had their teammates write down whatever they wanted to convey in a message to each of the soon-to-be graduates.

Coach Johnson first brought up Ben Sayre, after sending him to her assistant coach, Markie Cox to pick up a collage of photos from his high school tennis career. She read the comments made by his teammates, all of which went to express how he is a great person, friend, and player.

Following Sayre was Braxton Bird. Johnson continued with the readings of comments, with the most notable being how his teammates are going to miss him and how he's, "got it on like Donkey Kong."

Next to be announced was Riley Porter, who is famous for his crazy jump shots.

Matthew Joyner was the next introduced, who is known for having "the best hair on the team." Joyner followed that comment with running his fingers through his locks.

Landon Evans is known for being "legit," and is known for his great support along with being "pretty nice."

Rounding out the six seniors was Jacob Christensen. His teammates say he is the best on earth, great singles player, and the legendary lefty.

Throughout the introductions of the seniors, Johnson fought back tears, as she knows that these young men are on their way to the next chapters of life. Some will be heading to college, others on missions, and some heading straight into the workforce.

Each senior received a gift bag from their coach, a rose for their mothers, and hats for their fathers. After these items were distributed, the parents were then asked to join their children for individual and group photos.

Johnson and Cox are the daughters of long-time tennis coach Brent Jefferis and continue to share their love of tennis with the people of Bingham County.

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