Firth battles hard against the West Jefferson Panthers during final game of the season

The Cougars won the cat fight as they hosted the West Jefferson Panthers. Although the Panthers had a rough season, they made Firth work for their win. Firth will play Thursday in the Holt Arena at 7 P.M. against the Bear River Bears for the opening round of the State Tournament.

FIRTH – The Cougars hosted the West Jefferson Panthers for a good old-fashioned cat fight on the football field. As play commenced, both teams jockeyed for the opportunity to be the first in the end zone, but ultimately Firth would prove to be the team who wanted it more.

Not to be silenced, the Panthers would create a scoring drive of their own and retaliate with an intrusion into Firth territory just before the end of the first quarter. Firth's offense would step back onto the field with plans of hitting the pay dirt as soon as possible and behind the legs of the Sam Park and the arm of Jace Erickson, the Cougars found themselves knocking on the Panthers front door. Erickson would connect with freshman receiver Alex Vasquez for a big gain during the drive cinching up any loose ends or extinguishing any doubts of who's turf they were on. Vasquez would pick up nearly 30 yards, 15 of which came after first contact with a defender.

Erickson would continue to give the ball to Park using him as the work horse he has become for the Cougars before connecting with Athan Blonquist on a flare route to put the Cougars in scoring position. The Cougars would pound the ball in with Canon Carpenter and Sam Park to take the lead back.

With only minutes left in the first half, the Panthers would retaliate and score yet again after a series of successful passes and strong running from the backfield. The score would not go unanswered, with Firth finding the end zone two more times in the quarter sending the game into halftime with Firth up 27-14.

The second half would be all Cougars all night–except for one kick off. The Cougars would push hard against the Panthers scoring once more in the third quarter bringing it to 34-14 at the start of the fourth.

Only four minutes into the fourth quarter, Teague Shook would snatch the Panther pass out of the air for an interception and returned it to the 38-yard-line. Shook's interception would set the Cougars up for scoring their final touchdown of the game.

West Jefferson still would not give in. The deep man for the kick return team would return the ball 84 yards to the house to bring the score to 41-20.

The Cougars would go into win formation and start playing the clock game and not allowing the Panthers the opportunity to get the ball back. As the clock read all zeroes and the buzzer rang, the Cougars would leave the field victorious at 41-20.

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