Firth JV putting in work

Both the junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams of Firth High School swept their opponents Thursday evening. Firth Varsity sits undefeated in conference and are well on their way for State.

FIRTH – The Lady Cougars came off of a four-game winning streak (except for matches at the Capital Tournament where they tied for third place) in Thursday night's home stand against the North Fremont Huskies.

The junior varsity set the pace for the evening with a solid showing for their best of three matches. The first match, the Lady Cougars started out slow, but once they built momentum, there was no stopping them. The first match remained close from the 10-10 mark, with tying up once again at 25-25 before the Cougars finished the Huskies with back-to-back serves. The Huskies couldn't find an answer to what Firth kept sending them. The first matched ended with Firth topping North Fremont 27-25.

The second match for the JV teams had an injury timeout early, when two of the girls on the team went for a dig and collided, both were fine after an intense nose bleed, and returned to the court to finish what they started. The injury provided Firth with more drive to end it with a sweep, and they did just that; holding North Fremont to under 20 points in the second match.

The varsity Lady Cougars took the the floor next, with the announcement of the starters.

Number two–Kaydee Park, Addison Trent wearing number four, Brooklyn Clayson as number five, Jordyn Adams in number 10, Kiley Mecham in 11, Hailey Gee as number 15, and their libero in number three was Liberty Park.

With the pace set by the JV team, the varsity team, surprisingly, came out sluggish letting North Fremont to jump out to an early 7-1 lead before clawing back and tying the score up at 18-18. Not-to-be out-shined by the JV squad, the varsity team put the screws to the Huskies and finished the first match 25-19.

The Lady Cougars road this momentum into the second match and showing why they remain undefeated in their conference. Their playmakers stepped it up and provided a solid 25-11 match closing with great demonstration of their skills.

Heading into the do-or-die match for the Huskies, they stepped it up. Trying to shake the memories of the last two sets, they began to play hard. Their efforts would be futile however, as Firth continued to put on a workshop of how to play volleyball. The Huskies coach called for timeout with Firth leading 10-2, and this strategy seemed to work. The Lady Huskies ran back onto the court with new fire in their eyes, digging deep, and started to close the gap in the score. Firth wasn't going to stand for this; after a few well played serves, Firth regained their composure and brought the match to its conclusion at 25-14, bringing the evening to a clean sweep for the Lady Cougars.


Hailey Gee continues to provide a strong presence on the court and her efforts shine through in the stats. Gee put up 12 kills, five digs and 2 blocks.

Jordyn Adams provided great support to her team with six kills, seven digs, and one block.

Kaydee Park put up some impressive stats Thursday evening with 24 assists, 11 digs, and six aces. Her services helped lead the team to victory.


Liberty Park fulfills the role as a libero flawlessly. Being a defensive specialist, the libero provides important digs from the back, and handles deep serves to allow her teammates to set and spike.

Kiley Mecham is a force at the net, and provides substantial support to her teammates.


Firth will travel to play West Jefferson, whom they swept last time the matched up. The varsity games are scheduled for 7 P.M. on Thursday, October 3.

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