BLACKFOOT – The lines are coming up this week with the last game of T-ball for the season. This week is the final week of T-ball in Blackfoot. The fields behind Mountain View Middle School were full of families and fans to see the last game for the season. The Morning News received an e-mail from a young man. It said, “The Texas Rangers team would like to invite you to come to and take pictures of the game. Our shirts are blue; my team will be on field #2. My name is Deacon and I am #6. I hope to see you at my game.” We were happy to oblige; we came to the game and got all of the teams on our Facebook page, and were able to speak to Deacon at the game before he went up to bat. The very nice and polite young man said, “It's nice to meet you, thank you for coming to my game.” Thank you, Deacon, for inviting us to your game it was a pleasure.


All of the teams came to play for their last game of the summer. Scores of family lined the diamonds to cheer the kids on. There is no division between boys and girls: everyone is encouraged to play and have a good time. Scores are not important to these players it is all about the love of baseball. America's true past-time, this is where it all starts. One batter, one T, against the field of players. T-ball is designed to foster the basic fundamentals, keeping your eye on the ball, catching and throwing the ball, running through the bases, and most importantly “Have Fun.” The kids had a firm grasp of the latter for sure.


It was a bitter-sweet game, playing is always fun but having to say good bye to teammates is tough. I asked Deacon what he was going to miss the most; his response was, “Playing with my friends, its fun.” The kids on the teams are just about out of school, for the most part and with family trips during the summer vacation it is hard to keep the leagues going through the summer. It was a fantastic spring season for the kids they learned a lot and will be moving up to the next level for the most part. Coach pitch is the next evolution in the training of the future baseball all-stars. It is going to be an easy transition for some and difficult one for others but it is the natural progression of baseball. Good luck next year to all the T-ball players. Have a fun and safe summer, and Deacon, we at the Morning News thank you for inviting us to your game and we look forward to another invitation to your next teams' games too.

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